Woodlands Primary School

Woodlands Primary School

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Extra-curricular clubs


At Woodlands we are very excited to have a variety of clubs that run before and after school.

These clubs are vital – they will be invaluable in providing the children with the chance to develop a variety of different skills including their communication with others, whilst supporting their social and emotional development by allowing them to make new friends across the school.


We currently have three external providers who run clubs within the school as well as other clubs that are run by staff within the school.


Foundations sports logo Foundations sport run our two archery clubs (KS2) and our multi skills club (KS1) - please see the website below for   more information.




 Innovation pod run our coding and robotics club for both KS1 & KS2 - please see the website below for more   information.




 CHKA karate run our karate club for KS1 and KS2 – please see the website below for more information.





Our staff also run a variety of clubs – please see the timetable for the different clubs that are on offer this half term.



  • Each half term, the children will receive a letter with the various clubs that are on offer.
  • The children then need to return the slip (with any money that is needed) by the date on the letter - (returning the letter does not guarantee you a place in the clubs).
  • The staff then work really hard to organise the clubs and put the registers together. Once this is complete- if your child has a received a space they will receive a confirmation letter.


We will aim to ensure (where possible) that if your child has not been offered a place in a club this half term, then they will get a space next half term.


We are aware of an external after school club, 'Young Inspirations' which has been running for many years.  Parents pay them to collect their child from school and walk them to their premises until parent collects them around 5pm for example.

For information on this service please visit their website www.hlpltd.org.uk.