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Woodlands Primary School Sports Premium Statement

P.E. & Sports premium



Sports and PE are an essential part of life at Woodlands Primary School, our PE subject leader leads across the school and works closely with the staff to ensure there is consistency and progression built into lessons and that these are purposeful and have our ‘Key Drivers’ at the heart of them. We deliver the ‘Get set 4 PE scheme’ and understand the importance of building on the fundamental skills that the children learn in EYFS.

 All children are encouraged to have a healthy lifestyle and take part in school competitions and events.

What is sports premium?

The government provide funding directly to primary schools to spend on improving the quality of sport and P.E. for all the children.

How will we be spending the money and who will benefit?

  • The P.E. and sports premium funding will benefit all children at Woodlands regardless of their sporting ability.
  • The children at Woodlands will be given opportunities to compete in local and regional tournaments.
  • All staff will have access to high-quality resources to aid them in teaching the full P.E. curriculum
  • All staff will have access to training opportunities, plus continued professional development to improve the quality of teaching and learning in physical education.
  • We invest in quality training for the P.E. subject leader to ensure that they have a school-wide overview of the curriculum and ensure that there is a good quality of education for all pupils at Woodlands.
  • We explore ways to ensure that swimming is developed so that children are water safe as a minimum standard. 

For more detailed information on how the money is spent, please see the report below.


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