Woodlands Primary School

Woodlands Primary School

Why fit in when you were born to stand out?


Ms Nogal

MFL Intent Statement 

At Woodlands we believe that MFL is crucial in the development of our children’s linguistic
understanding with exposure to rich language experiences. Learning the basics of a foreign language helps our pupils to extend and develop their confidence and communication skills. It is important for our pupils to maximise their cultural awareness and understanding in order to have a positive attitude towards diversity within our global society. All MFL lessons that are taught are engaging, high-quality and use a variety of strategies to support their learning, promote positive attitudes as well as enhancing other areas of the curriculum. 


Our MFL lessons, teach children to:

• Develop their interest and curiosity in the similarities and differences between
themselves and other cultures.

• Work independently, in pairs or in groups to practice the Spanish language and build
their confidence in a safe & stimulating environment, where all their views of valued.

• Be resilient in their approach to learning a language; not being afraid to make
mistakes but learn from them so that they can achieve greatness.

• To develop the range of spoken languages and provide a greater understanding of
language structure Use their knowledge about the way language works and apply their
knowledge when learning a new language;

• Gain an understanding of other cultures and learn to look at things from another
person’s perspective and be respectful even when they differ.

• Show an awareness of the similarities and differences between each other and
appreciate the diversity of languages spoken within the school.