Woodlands Primary School

Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

Design and Technology


Mrs Chiriacescu

Design and Technology Intent Statement

Design and Technology is a fundamental part of children’s learning here at Woodlands, where we have high expectations for all children regardless of their background. We are very passionate about providing children with a rich learning experience that allows them to develop their creativity and passion for the subject that will give them the skills to develop in an ever-changing technological world. We strive to ensure all children receive an inclusive and high-quality curriculum that provides them with the skills to be critical thinkers so that our children can make an essential contribution to the creativity, culture, wealth and well-being of the society.

Through the high quality curriculum children learn to:

• Have high aspirations of themselves by learning about other successful people in the
various fields of Design and Technology which inspires them to challenge their own
beliefs and become critical thinkers.

• Challenge and question stereotypes in their daily life and the wider world to enable
them to become responsible global citizens.

• Build on knowledge from a variety of subjects and deepen their understanding of the
importance of the links within Design and Technology.

• Develop innovative and entrepreneurial skills.

• Develop a passion for Design and Technology that builds on resilience, risk taking,
being brave and inspires children to always have the highest expectations of
themselves and others around them.

• Develop the skills of critiquing and evaluating which they can later apply to their own
understanding of themselves and the wider world.

• Our curriculum provides children with endless opportunities where they are given a
wide range of experiences in the form of trips, visitors and experiences.

• Find solace in a subject they enjoy and have a great passion for.