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Governor Details

Woodlands governing board

The governing board is a crucial part of the Woodlands family and works with the school to promote our key drivers and vision for the pupils. They share in our successes and support us when needed.

The governors are very supportive of the school not only attending regular meetings but also scrutinise documentation, approve policies and act as critical friends.

The Governing Board is made up of volunteers who are: parents, staff, local authority representatives, and members of the community. Most members serve for a period of 4 years.

The full governing board meets at least once per term with governors also belonging to committees which meet more frequently. At Woodlands, the governors also come into school to meet with their link year group leader, looking at their priorities & the data that supports this, meeting the staff and children and looking at the children’s work. They also meet with their subject leader to discuss their vision for their subject and action plans, look at any monitoring taking place and discuss this. 

The leadership team will also have an ‘away day’ with the governors once a year to look at the strategic direction of the school, sharing the targets and discussing the plan for the year and how this relates to the school development plan.  

If you would like more information about membership, please see the documentation below.

Meet the governors

Ms Jenni Braysher

Vice chair of governors

Local Authority governor appointed by the local authority

 05.06.2018 – 04.06.2022

 Link governor for EYFS

Link governor for SEND & inclusion


Chair of Finance & Personnel committee

Ms Sukhi Seera

Co-opted governor appointed by the governing board

20.06.18 – 19.06.22


Vice chair of Premises committee

Member of Finance & Personnel committee

Ms Cat Moughton

Co-opted governor appointed by the governing board

26.03.19 – 25.03.23

Link governor for Year 2

Link governor for History & DT

Link governor for SRE


Member of Curriculum committee

Mr Waheed Akhtar

Vice chair of governors

Parent governor appointed by the parents

09.11.18 – 08.11.22

Link governor for Year 1

Link governor for Maths & Science


Vice chair of Finance & Personnel committee

Chair of Premises committee

Ms Yemi Salami

Co-opted governor appointed by the governing board

 24.03.2021- 24.03.2024

 Link governor for Yr 4

Link governor for History & RE 


Member of Curriculum committee

Ms Fareeha Mirza

Parent governor appointed by the governing board

10.01.22 – 09.01.26

Ms Mel Jackson

Head teacher governor


Is a member of the Finance committee

Member of the Premises committee


Mr Alexis Mojzes

Staff governor appointed by the staff body

16.07.18 – 15.07.22


Member of the Curriculum committee

Mr Arshad  Mankda


Parent governor appointed by the governing board

10.01.22 – 09.01.26


Ms Karen Mount

Clerk to governors

Associate governors

At Woodlands, we also have associate governors who attend the full governing board meetings and some committee meetings as: observers; to support the school; to advice the governors on matters relating to the area they oversee or for their own professional development. Associate governors do not have a vote.

Associate governors at Woodlands are

  • Miss Liz Moughton- Deputy head

Attends full governing board meeting, premises committee and finance committee

  • Ms Danusia Beard- Office manager

Attends – full governor board meeting and premises committee.

  • Mrs J Papa- Deputy head – attends full governing board meetings and curriculum committee


Responsibilities of a governor at Woodlands

Purpose of the post – the role of School Governor

School Governing Boards work as a team to provide strategic leadership to schools.  The three core functions of a school governing board are to:

•          set a vision for the school

  • be accountable for school performance and safety of pupils
  • provide financial probity to ensure that resources are well spent 

Requirements for the role:

  • Act within the framework of the policies of the governing board and legal requirements.
  • A commitment to attend meetings (For example full governing board, committees and working groups).
  • Respect confidentiality and all governing board decisions, while fully supporting the collective responsibility of any decisions which are made.
  • Be committed to training and development opportunities.
  • Understand the school’s needs, strengths and areas for development.

 The usual term of office for governors is four years.

Eligibility criteria:

  • No formal qualifications needed.
  • Aged 18 years and above.
  • Meet the skills and experience required by the Governing Board.
  • Be willing to meet the time commitment of attending meetings, reading documentation, attending training sessions and visiting the school on focused visits.
  • Have a debarring service check and obtain clearance.
  • Sign the Governors Code of Conduct.


Governor Code of Conduct

The code of conduct which sets out the expectations of and commitment required from school governors must be adhered to and is underpinned by the following principles: 

  • Act in the best interests of the school – declaring any conflicts of interests immediately, recording any business interests where applicable.
  • Work as a member of a team at all times and as one board - respecting confidentiality and be loyal to collective decisions made by the governing board.
  • Act fairly and without prejudice - recognising that all governors have the same rights and responsibilities unless particular responsibilities are conferred on them by the full governing board.
  • Acknowledge that the role involves the commitment of a significant amount of time and energy - with training, meetings and visits to the school.

How to become a governor?

If you are interested in joining the governors at Woodlands as a Co-opted or Local Authority Governor, you should contact the Clerk to Governors, Karen Mount at kjmgovservices@gmail.com


We currently have one vacancy – Co-opted Governor

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