Woodlands Primary School

Woodlands Primary School

Why fit in when you were born to stand out?



Mrs Adam

PSHE RHE Intent Statement

At Woodlands, we believe that PSHE RHE not only contributes to our children’s learning but it also equips them with the skills, knowledge, values and attitudes to make a positive contribution to the wider society. Children develop resilience for the complex and changing world we live in and gain a sense of belonging through the variety of topics covered within the PSHE RHE curriculum. PSHE RHE supports our children to become effective citizens of the future generation.

Successful PSHE RHE lessons allow our children to:

  • Think about themselves and who they are, gaining confidence and self-belief.   


  • They gain a sense of ownership of their own actions and its consequences.
  • Develop a sense of belonging in our society and know that they matter. They are
    encouraged to be active citizens of the future.  


  • To develop strategies for problem solving and overcoming challenges that may affect them.  


  • To develop healthy relationships within the society we live in.


PSHE/RHE implementation


PSHE/RHE and P4C are subjects that focus on a child’s development overall. It is tailored to help them become valuable citizens and adhere to the British values as well as their own well-being and mental health. They think about their own cultural backgrounds and also the viewpoint of others and respecting all. They also learn the values, morals and what is right and wrong for themselves and are given the opportunity to think deeply about the person they aspire to be. The school council provides opportunities for children to take responsibility for change and ownership which links to the PSHE curriculum.

PSHE stands for Physical, Social and Health Education. RHE stands for Relationships, Health and Well-being Education. P4C stands for Philosophy for children. PSHE and RSHE are combined together as the curriculum coverage is very similar and to ensure the skills are embedded throughout the school. It is broken down into three categories; Relationships, Social skills and safeguarding including Living in the wider world and Health and well-being. Children are taught a variety of skills that help them develop themselves and think about themselves, their views and ideas and how they can contribute to the wider world. P4C lessons help children to develop their thinking and broaden their ideas. Many of the PSHE/RHE topics are tailored well to be taught in P4C as it encourages discussion, deeper thinking and respecting others viewpoints. The children learn to become independent when discussing these topics.

At Woodlands, a cross-curricular ‘themed’ approach to planning is used across all subjects- with clear rationales and contextualised learning to support the children in their lessons. Teaching in a cross-curricular approach allows the children to re-visit key skills across the curriculum, with high expectations being set in all subjects. PSHE/RHE is not only covered within lessons but also in general day to day routines and when issues arise throughout the day that need resolving. Evidence is in all subjects including books, floor books, displays, p4c, assemblies and themed events such as e-safety, anti-bullying and diversity week.

PSHE/RHE is taught using the curriculum guidelines. It is then tailored as much as possible for the children at Woodlands specifically taking into consideration their needs, backgrounds and experiences. Parents and pupils are consulted using meetings, surveys and questionnaires to ensure that it is continuously evaluated and updated to meet the needs of the children. Teachers are provided with as many resources as possible such as books, websites and suitable videos to support their planning.

PSHE/RHE is assessed through the children’s own views and thoughts. Teachers highlight the objectives that have been met using the key code each term. They also state where the evidence is which could vary from children’s books, floor books, assemblies, themed weeks, trips etc.

PSHE/RHE and P4C is an essential part of the curriculum that binds all the skills and knowledge that children develop across all subjects and supports them to use them in everyday context. It truly helps the children at Woodlands to become independent thinkers with strong minds that challenge injustice and prejudice.