Woodlands Primary School

Why fit in when you were born to stand out?



 Miss Lodhia

PE Intent Statement

At Woodlands we believe in a broad and balanced curriculum that inspires all pupils to excel and succeed in competitive sport and physically demanding activities. Our curriculum is inclusive of all children and provides them with the opportunities to develop their skills in a variety of sports. Physical and mental well-being is also a key element to our ethos at Woodlands. Aspects of the ‘Thrive’ approach and being ‘Trauma Informed’ underpins all lessons within PE, enabling our children to develop strategies that support their mental health and well-being.

We feel PE teaches our children:


  • To develop team building skills which enable our children to communicate effectively
    and develop relationships that allow them to succeed in reaching their shared goal. 


  • To develop their problem solving skills which allow the children to think creatively to
    find solutions both independently and within a team environment.


  • To develop an understanding of what good sportsmanship is, what this looks like and
    an understanding of how their actions impact on themselves and others.


  • To self-regulate their emotions by having access to a calm environment with safe
    spaces and trusted adults.


  • To have high aspirations of themselves, developing their resilience and self-belief. In
    doing so they challenge stereotypes in their daily life and the wider world.


  • To educate our children about the importance of having a healthy well balanced
    lifestyle and the impact that this can have on their later life.


  • Our children are able to apply all the skills that they have learnt throughout their PE
    curriculum by matching physical competence and intellectual learning, which enables them to
    lead healthy and enriched lives in the future.