Year 4 Blog

Posted by: Priya Vhader

Dear parents and children, 


Welcome to year 4! Please meet our new teachers and LSAs!


Miss Vadher - Year Group leader - 4V 


Mrs Begum and Mrs Khalif - 4K 


Ms Borgia - 4B


Mrs Khatun and Ms Lascelles (Assistant Headteacher) - 4LK


We also have some wonderful LSA's in our year group!


Mrs Hussein (1:1 support) - in 4B

Mrs Asmal (1:1 support) - in 4LK

Mrs Nath (1:1 support) - in 4K

Mrs Arora (Class and year group LSA) - in 4V



What and exciting first week we have had! We looked at a range of different topics this week such as exploring what it means to be a Global Citizen and how we can make positive choices in our lives.  As well as learning about the United Nations Rights of the Child. 


We then had a jam packed launch day for our Ancient Egyptian topic - 'Toot 'n' Come in!' where we looked at a range of Egyptian artifacts such as Canopic jars and an small replica of the Rosetta stone! As well as this we made some beautiful Egyptian headdresses, like the Pharaohs used to wear and then took part in investigating some words and finding out their meanings, to support our English learning next week!


So what this space to find out more about what we're up to in year 4!